What I Can Do for You!


My most notable work is as a Behind the Scenes photographer on the film "Coraline" My work has been feature in a number of trade magazines as well as newspapers and books. 

I'm always looking for new and unique opportunities to make images and look forward to new challenges. 

I'm available for commercial, editorial, behind the scenes, and product photography.

Photo Assistant


Very experienced with Broncolor gear. (Have assisted at Broncolor workshops). Knowledge of many other common strobe equipment (Profoto, speedotron) and some lesser common. Experience working out of a grip truck and using cinema level grip gear. Experience with hot/continuous lights (Tungsten, HMI, and LED). Experience at electric distribution. Household 120 & 220, wheelbarrow generators. Not a lot of experience with larger tow behind generators. Knowledgeable in the use of Canon, Hasselblad, and  Nikon equipment. I've some experience using view cameras equipped with digital backs.

Digital Workflow:

Light knowledge of captureOne. Very proficient in the use of Lightroom. I'm a skilled video editor using Adobe Premier and After Effects. Proficient in the use of Photoshop. I have acted as a DIT on a number of smaller video productions. I've only done small amounts of Digital tech work

1st AC

I have worked in the world of feature length film, commercial, industrial, reality TV, ENG, and web/social.

Some of my notable work is listed on my IMDB page HERE.

I have experience with Arri cameras, Panasonic Varicam, Cannon, Red, and sony equipment. I know a thing or two about GoPros.


I have three Feature length films under my belt as well as a number of short films and webisodes.  

New cinematography reel is in the works.  

Stay tuned for more info relating to my work as a cinematographer/videographer.

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